"Due to some observed malpractices by some players and technical glitch, we are suspending the point reward system on Affluence Quiz with immediate effect. This is being investigated and we shall communicate directly with those who have already requested for withdrawal. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Affluence Quiz live show on Facebook. Be rest assured of our commitment to the promotion of education amongst our population" Affluence Quiz Team

1. Why did my Points reduce after I made a withdrawal request

   Answer:- After you make a withdrawal request.. our system scans your account for any issues related to double crediting of a level and thus minus this..( We have seen this happen on a few  phone models. Always calculate your points from the completed quiz page when you click "Statistics".

2. My withdrawal was rejected.

  Answer:- 1. We reject withdrawals when our system finds out that you have two duplicate accounts

                  2. Request can also be rejected if the registered name is different from the name on your account details. To rectify this, send us a scanned copy of your Government Issued ID

3. My points are not adding as am playing.

  Answer:- The app will only credit you with earned points if you get at least 50% correct answers on that level

4. My points suddenly reduced

    Answer:- We would never reduce your points, however some few players may have issues of double crediting as a result of phone type or network issue and our system will auto correct it. Always calculate your points from the completed quiz page when you click "Statistics"

5. How much do I need to earn before I can withdraw?

   Answer:- Hit 30,000 and withdraw $10

6. How long does withdrawal take?

  Answer:-If you are in Nigeria or South Africa it can take less than 24hrs, other countries can take up to 3 days

7. Will my account be banned or deleted if I created more than one account?

 Answer:- Yes we will and we will always find out if you do

8. Will my account be banned if I use illegal means to earn points?

 Answer:- Yes. we have systems in place that will ban you immediately if we find out

9. Can i get rich playing this game?

   Answer:- Yes...intellectually you will be rich with new information as you play and earn some cash along the way. But Affluence is only an educational app and is in no way a get rich quick scheme



Affluence Quiz brings you Educational Quiz over the Internet. Now you can learn a lot using your phone and and still make cool cash

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android 4.4.0 and above.